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Green Lane Travel to Singapore and back. Thing I had to do.

The govt announced that we could travel to Singapore without having to apply to PMO for exit permit on April 1, 2022.

Go to for information. Click on the April 1st guidelines.

Here is basically what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you are fully vaccinated.
  2. Buy your air tickets.
  3. Buy medical insurance if you are Brunei Citizen or PR. It was roughly $10 per day. If you go for a 5days trip your insurance fee will be around $52.
  4. For Citizens and PR, complete registration through the e-Register system at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) No need to do this if you are a foreigner.
  5. For Singapore, you dont need to do PCR, you only need to do an ART. It has to be done within 24hours of your departure date. Dont do it too early as the ART is valid only for 24hours. The cost is $10 at Lee Clinic.
  6. You will need to have a Singapore arrival card when you arrived in Singapore. Download the "SG arrival card" App into your phone prior to your arrival in Singapore.
  7. When you go around Singapore, you will need to have an app to go entry premises. Install the "Trace Together" app.

On your return, you will need to

  1. Do an ART at any approved clinic ($28). You will need to do this within 24 hours of your flight. The result will be sent to your email. Make sure you have this handy with the downloaded cert at the check-in counter.
  2. Foreigners, Citizens and PR do not need to have an Electronic Travel Pass (ETP) if you are returning to Brunei from Singapore.
  3. You need to do fill up the Brunei "Arrival Declaration Form" when you check-in at Changi airport. Use this link
  4. When you arrive you will be given 2 tests (ART and PCR) at the arrival hall of Brunei airport. You to pay for this prior to your check-in. So make sure its done early. It cost BND100 and can be paid online with credit cards.
  5. You can go home after that. You will be given 2 ART test kits for you to test for the next 2 days.

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